Dedicated Server, VPS, VDS, hosting in Germany, Netherlands
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Custom built dedicated servers

Custom built dedicated servers

Operating Systems available for any of our servers:
CentOS Debian Ubuntu Windows FreeBSD Vmware CloudLinux
  • DeD - datacenter FRA-10 (Kleyerstr. 79-89, 60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • CTD - datacenter FRA-10 (Kleyerstr. 79-89, 60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • NlE - datacenter AMS-01 (J.W. Lucasweg 35, 2031 BE Haarlem, The Netherlands)
  • DD - datacenter myLoc managed IT AG (Am Gatherhof 44, 40472 Dusseldorf, Germany)
Conditions and prices

Custom servers supply conditions:

  • 25-50% prepayment required;
  • Supply period is 1 to 5 business days;
  • Specify all your required features as the Comment to your order, e.g. when you need two servers linked to each other directly via Ethernet, for us it means that the servers should stay close to each other and we need to use patchcord for additional network interfaces. When you need several servers (more than two) within the same VLAN please write the following comment: "Please install in Private Rack and issue personal Juniper switch". And so on.
  • During one day after placing your order we will send you confirmation and estimated price of your configuration. You also will receive customer control panel access data and invoice for deposit.
  • Your order fulfillment starts only when we will receive your advance paymenton the invoice.

IP pricing for the servers installed in Coretek Private Racks:

Currently one additional IPv4 address costs $2,5 USD per month and could be decreased if you will order a mini-block of IPs:

  • 8 x IPv4 - $ 15 per Month;
  • 16 x IPv4 - $ 32 per Month;
  • 32 x IPv4 - $ 60 per Month.

Upper limit for a dedicated server is 32 IPs

IPv6 are Free, 65535 x IPv6 addresses per Server.

Note that using these blocks is IMPOSSIBLE on servers installed in a racks which are not serviced by Coretek (Only for VPS and Servers in Private Racks!)

Estimated costs of custom options
Storage (HDD)
Memory (Ram)
1TB SATA HDD +$15 per month
2TB SATA HDD +$20 per month
3TB SATA HDD +$30 per month
4TB SATA HDD +$59 per month
300GB SAS HDD +$29 per month
600GB SAS HDD +$49 per month
120GB SSD HDD +$30 per month
240GB SSD HDD +$49 per month
480GB SSD HDD +$68 per month
960GB SSD HDD +$137 per month
DDR3: 2GB -> 4GB, 4GB->8GB, 8GB->16GB +$19 per month
DDR3: 16GB -> 24GB +$39 per month
DDR3: 24GB -> 32GB +$29 per month
DDR3: 32GB -> 48GB, 48GB -> 64GB +$49 per month
DDR3: 64GB -> 96GB +$106 per month
DDR3: 96GB -> 128GB +$75 per month
DDR3: 128GB -> 192GB +$150 per month

German PrivateRack server limits:

  • Number of IPs per server 1 or 2 (other options could be discussed with support individually on demand).
  • Traffic plans prices are subjects of negotiation.
  • Absence of Hyperserver servers management panel.
  • Reset, reverse-DNS, reinstall only by request to our technical support.
Additional services
Additional ip address +$5 per month
(max 16 ip)
iLO KVM IP CARD (the Netherlands) +$50 per month
($100 setup)
iLO KVM IP CARD (Germany) +$15 per month
($100 setup)
iLO KVM IP CARD ON the DAY $99 for a server in the Netherlands
iLO KVM IP CARD ON the DAY FREE for a server in Germany
Network reliability $20 per 100GB
(either upgrade traffic package)
Network Volume $10 per 100GB
(either upgrade traffic package)
Juniper EX2200-24T-4G $109 per month
Cisco ASA 5550 $1339 per month
($800 installation)
Kemp LM-2200 $259 per month
($800 installation)
The order will be processed only after receiving the prepayment on invoice. 25-50% prepayment is required.
After the filing of the application, during one day you will receive our confirmation and calculation of the cost for the configuration you need, as well as client account access and invoice for security deposit.
Specify all required features as the Comment to your order, Server delivery period is 1 to 5 business days.
Upper limit for a dedicated server is 32 IPs
IPv6 addresses are Free, 65535 x IPv6 per Server.
Support works 24/7/365 fulltime
24/7 x 365 fulltime
IPv4 and IPv6 available
IPv4 and IPv6 are available
Brand new and modern hardware
Brand new, latest specs