Dedicated Server, VPS, VDS, hosting in Germany, Netherlands
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Dedicated Server in Europe

Stock availability and custom build servers. Unlimited configuration options (VLAN / Private Switch on request)

Operating Systems available for any of our servers:
CentOS Debian Ubuntu Windows FreeBSD Vmware CloudLinux
  • DeD - datacenter FRA-10 (Kleyerstr. 79-89, 60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • CTD - datacenter FRA-10 (Kleyerstr. 79-89, 60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • NlE - datacenter AMS-01 (J.W. Lucasweg 35, 2031 BE Haarlem, The Netherlands)
  • DD - datacenter myLoc managed IT AG (Am Gatherhof 44, 40472 Dusseldorf, Germany)
Traffic, Port
Price per month Server location CPUs Cores
DE Dell R210-2 PrivateRack
Intel™ Xeon E3-1230v2 (4x3.3GHz)
Up to 32GB ram
Up to 2x4TB SATA, up to 2x960GB SSD
Dedicated port
Traffic 10TB/month, 100Mbit, 1 IP
Up to 32 IPv4, up yo 1Gbit unmetered
Server in Germany 1 4
DE Dell R210-2 ip-KVM PrivateRack
Intel™ Xeon E3-1230v2 (4x3.3GHz)
Up to 32GB RAM
2x500GB SATA2
Up to 2x6TB SATA, 2x960GB SSD
Dedicated port
Traffic 10TB/month, 100Mbit, 1 IP
Up to 32 IPv4. Up to 1Gbit unmetered.
Server in Germany 1 4
UK HP DL120 G7
Intel™ Xeon E3-1270 (4x3.4GHz)
Up to 32GB ram
Up to 4x4TB SATA2, 4x960GB SSD
Dedicated port
Traffic 30TB/month, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Up to 1Gbit unmetered
Server in UK 1 4
NL Supermicro 48 hours setup
Intel™ Xeon E3-1260L (4x2.4GHz)
Up to 32GB RAM
Dedicated port
Traffic 100TB/month, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Server in Netherlands 1 4
Intel™ Xeon E3-1270v5 (4x3.6GHz)
DDR4-2133MHZ Up to 64GB memory
Up to 2x8TB SATA, up to 2x1.8TB SSD, NVMe
Dedicated port
Traffic 10TB/month, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Up to 16 IPv4
Server in Netherlands 1 4
UK Dell R240 DDR4
Intel™ Xeon E-2186G (6x3.8GHz)
Up to 64GB DDR4 RAM
2x240GB SSD
Up to 4x8TB SATA, 4x1.92TB SSD
Dedicated port
Traffic 30TB/month, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Server in UK 1 6
DE HP DL360 G10 ip-KVM, DDR4, 48h setup
Intel™ Xeon Silver 4110 (8x2.1GHz)
Up to 256GB ram
1x240GB SSD + 1x2TB SATA
Up to 4x8TB SATA, up to 4x960GB SSD, hardware raid option
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited traffic, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Uplink 1Gbit
Server in Germany 1 8
NL Supermicro DDR4, 48h setup
Intel™ Xeon E-2146 (6x3.5GHz)
Up to 128GB RAM DDR4
1x240GB NVMe
Dedicated port
Traffic 100TB/month, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Server in Netherlands 1 6
DE HP DL380 G10 ip-KVM, DDR4, 48h setup
Intel™ Xeon Gold 5118 (12x2.3GHz)
Up to 512GB ram
1x240GB SSD + 1x2TB SATA
Up to 8x6TB SATA, up to 8x960GB SSD, hardware raid option
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited traffic, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Uplink 1Gbit
Server in Germany 1 12
NL Supermicro 48 hours setup
Intel™ 2 x Xeon E5-2650 (16x2.0GHz)
Up to 384GB RAM
1x240GB SSD + 1x8TB SATA
Dedicated port
Traffic 100TB/month, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Server in Netherlands 2 8
UK SuperMicro SSG-6049P-E1CR24H DDR4, preorder fileserver
Intel™ Xeon Silver 4114 (10x2.2GHz)
Up to 768GB
Hardware RAID
Dedicated port
Unlimited traffic, 1Gbit, 1 IP
Unlimited traffic, Dedicated port
Server in UK 1 10
* CDN is not allowed
10% off on annual contract for every service!
Volume NL
Volume DE
Your Server will be connected to the network using one of these channels:
You can test broadband before ordering a server
Hardware and Plan Upgrades
Storage (HDD)
Memory (Ram)
1TB SATA HDD +$15 per month
2TB SATA HDD +$20 per month
3TB SATA HDD +$30 per month
4TB SATA HDD +$59 per month
300GB SAS HDD +$29 per month
600GB SAS HDD +$49 per month
120GB SSD HDD +$30 per month
240GB SSD HDD +$49 per month
480GB SSD HDD +$68 per month
960GB SSD HDD +$137 per month
DDR3: 2GB -> 4GB, 4GB->8GB, 8GB->16GB +$19 per month
DDR3: 16GB -> 24GB +$39 per month
DDR3: 24GB -> 32GB +$29 per month
DDR3: 32GB -> 48GB, 48GB -> 64GB +$49 per month
DDR3: 64GB -> 96GB +$106 per month
DDR3: 96GB -> 128GB +$75 per month
DDR3: 128GB -> 192GB +$150 per month

German PrivateRack server limits:

  • Number of IPs per server 1 or 2 (other options could be discussed with support individually on demand).
  • Traffic plans prices are subjects of negotiation.
  • Absence of Hyperserver servers management panel.
  • Reset, reverse-DNS, reinstall only by request to our technical support.
Additional services
Additional ip address +$5 per month
(max 16 ip)
iLO KVM IP CARD (the Netherlands) +$50 per month
($100 setup)
iLO KVM IP CARD (Germany) +$15 per month
($100 setup)
iLO KVM IP CARD ON the DAY $99 for a server in the Netherlands
iLO KVM IP CARD ON the DAY FREE for a server in Germany
Network reliability $20 per 100GB
(either upgrade traffic package)
Network Volume $10 per 100GB
(either upgrade traffic package)
Juniper EX2200-24T-4G $109 per month
Cisco ASA 5550 $1339 per month
($800 installation)
Kemp LM-2200 $259 per month
($800 installation)
The order will be processed only after receiving the prepayment on invoice. 25-50% prepayment is required.
After the filing of the application, during one day you will receive our confirmation and calculation of the cost for the configuration you need, as well as client account access and invoice for security deposit.
Specify all required features as the Comment to your order, Server delivery period is 1 to 5 business days.
Upper limit for a dedicated server is 32 IPs
IPv6 addresses are Free, 65535 x IPv6 per Server.
What a Dedicated Server is?

Dedicated Server is the type of hosting which means that we provide you a separate physical machine (server). Dedicated servers are usually used to run an apps that could not co-work with another project on the same server or have higher system requirements.

You manage your server on your own using terminal, remote desktop, cPanel or another sowftware on your choice.

Juniper and Cisco hardware. Routers, Load-balancers, Firewalls.

Dedicated VPS/VDS Hosting
Quick setup
Virtualization ready
High-Load ready
Custom config by request
What to choose
Windows Linux
Remote Desktop

Connect to your remote desktop and use available resources on your own: *Forex* trading, high performance computing, safe web surfing

Control panel

Easy server management with cPanel, ISP Manager lite (FREE), ISP Manager PRO, Virtualmin, ESXi VmWare

Game Server

You can install and setup by yourself:

  • World of Warcraft
  • LineAge II
  • Perfect World
  • Jade Dinasty
  • Minecraft
  • Counter Strike
  • AION
Wide OS choice

You can choose any of the following OS:

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • FreeBSD
  • CloudLinux
  • ESXi (VmWare Virtual Sphere)
Remote Bookkeeping

Great opportunity to secure your accounting - allocate it on our German and Dutch servers. Prevent a data leak in an emergency case and protect your business.

Unlimited root access via SSH

You are the absolutely super user of your server. Enjoy the opportunity to run nd manage things as you wish!

Microsoft Exchange & Project Server

Business specific solutions for corporate interaction. Let your company to work with maximum efficiency.

Full OpenSource scripts Compatibility

You can install Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop and other popular CMS just in two clicks. Server is initially configured as PHP ready.

Development tools

Setup Microsoft SQL Server, IIS Web Server, JAVA, ASP easy and start developing in minutes. Stop wasting your time.

VPN, Proxy, E-mail, IRC and other services

Additionally to core services you can deploy additional ones for your users and also make your network presence much more safer.

IP-KVM switch

Choosing IP-KVM gives you an opportunity to configure your server BIOS or reinstall its OS remotely.

It's FREE!

The last, but not the least! Free license allows to use Linux as you like. You Save from 20$ monthly compared to a Windows server.

Exception is CloudLinux - costs 15$ per month

Dedicated Server F.A.Q.
How fast I'll get my server after placing an order?

On the separate offer page, in the availability column is displayed actual info about availability a server with instant activation.

Number 0 in this column near the desired server model means that the server is in half ready status. It means that the server is installed in rack, connected to the network and waits for its owner (you).

Activation of these servers usually takes up to 1 hour. This time is required for an OS to be installed. With all models of VPS / VDS in Germany and Netherlands it works by the same way.

You also might want to order a server that is currently not in stock or a unique configured server. In this case your server Setup will take form 24 hours to 7 business days.

Ask our online consultants for more detailed information about not-in-stock server setup.

I need WOW hosting, what is the price?

VPS and VDS are not suitable for Gaming projects. In this case you need a Dedicated Server with at least 2GB RAM.

Check out our actual offers for Dedicated Servers. There are prices per month of a server and channels lease. Also take into account that a lot of Gaming servers are implied to run under Windows, not Linux. Windows Server 2008 is an extra - prices for Windows Server 2008 repesented in Dedicated Server order form.

In other words you slould be ready to spend 80-100 USD monthly to run a Geaming server at Coretek.

What does a server technical support include?

We offer server Without administrative support. Thus we imply that we are responsible for the following issues only:

  • Solving Network accessibility problems;
  • Solving hardware problems of our datacenter equipment including the server we offer;
  • Detailed customer advices about possible ways of solving of a problems when they appear;
  • Collecting and analysis of an information from our customers and immediate decision making for an appeared problem solving in assistance with a technician on duty.
What is Not allowed to place, store and share using Coretek servers?

Any data that violates a copyrights, contains threats, trade secrets or covered by NDA, advertising spam any any other of it kinds, and any forms of disrespect of and infringement on anyones privacy. Any kinds of malware also is Not allowed on our server.

Could you protect my server from a DDoS attack?

There is no a universal DDoS protection around whole our galaxy. Except that complete disconnect from internet :).

We have no special means that could be able to protect a server form this (and other) kind of attack. All servers are connected via main router directly to the global network. Our Datacenter does not filter the traffic.

At the same time our customers are welcome to ask our experts for an advice. Usually low and medium intensive DDoS could be fight off via some extra server administration.

How to know which OS I need?

Windows Server 2008 RC2 Standard with a necessary number of terminal licenses (for connecting multiple users at the same time) usually order for a virtual office. Further setup a customer does on his own - we are responsible for initial OS installation only.

Linux - Centos 5 (i386 for servers with less than 4GB RAM, or x64 for servers with more than 4GB RAM) usually order for website hosting. In order to make account management easy we offer include cPanel or ISPManager in you order. Our experts will install a Control panel once and for free.

All necessary software could be found in the order form of each Dedicated server model.

Gaming servers could run under Windows Server 2008 as well as CentOS / Debian (Linux systems). Which one OS suits your project by the best way depends on the certain versions of a Gaming server software you need.

We will not give an advice about a Gaming server software as well as will not help to setup such a soft.

Why support does not provided via Skype or ICQ?

There are the following reasons:

  1. Support means team work. Thus a problem might be solved by more than one exprt. That's why these guys need to have access to full customer interaction history, detailed problem description and status of a steps that already been taken to solve it;
  2. Sending passwords and other access data via messengers is not a good nor secure idea. Besides that it is hard to identify a user within an online messenger interaction. Tickets created from a user account provide us complete and detailed information about customer and his active services.
How can I connect my server to manage it?

On a Windows server

Connect a server with Windows 2008 running on it possible using "Remote Desktop Connection" utility - RDP. Managing remote Windows 2008 server is very similar to the same process on you local Windows PC.

On a Linux server

Servers running Linux (Centos, Debian) could be connected via SSH protocol (putty.exe utility for Windows). Linux servers could be managed via terminal. Also you can add IP-KVM to any ordered server. (Learn more about KVM access here).

What if an abuse about my content will appear?

In this case you will have 6 hours to remove problem causing content (or deleting a malware, reconfiguring services so that they stop causing the problems that imply such an abuses).

After these 6 hours we will block problem IP and wait for customer requst and actions intended to resolve the trouble.

How can I reboot my server if it stuck?

We provide external control panel for each ordered server. There you can manage you server resources.

The panel is here and includes the following options:

  1. View traffic usage per month;
  2. Server hardware Reset;
  3. Block and unblock the server assigned IPs;
  4. Automatic server RESCUE mode boot - from Linux Live DVD with network support. Further HDD mount will allow to solve a server problems manually. Also you can reinstall an OS on your own - SSH console command: newimageman will start OS Setup Wizard.
Does a Coretek employee have physical access to offered servers?

Our staff, includin technical support team, aimed to communicate with our customers, but not to thechnical maintenance of a hardware devices.

In a case of a problem with a server, our support team anlyzes customer requests (tickets) and make immediately a decision that allows to minimize the server downtime.

Detailed instructions for problem solving are sent to a technician on duty in our datacenter and to the customer (in case when customer migth solve the problem on his/her own).

So our staff has no physical access to our customer servers

Could I order a simple model today and then change it with more powerful one a week later?

Minimal lease period of any our product or service is at least one month. So making at least minimal possible payment for a server lease you will get this server for a period of one month guaranteed. However, in cases of swaping a server to more powerful one, we refund your account for 50% of unused amount from those money that have been paid for a first server bought from us.

Do you provide server software setup for Gaming projects (WOW, LA2)?


Is it possible to place torrent trackers or a websites containing links to a rights reserved media content here at Coretek servers?

Prohibited, the same as everywhere around EU

I'm ready to
Setup in 1-3 hours
Setup in 1-3 hours
Time is the biggest value. Start using
your server
just in 1-3 hours
Free setup
Free Setup
Install and basic setup of a chosen OS and control panel: cPanel, ISPManager, Webmin
99.99% network UPTIME
99.99% network UPTIME
You business should work
permanently. That's why wi give you
such a guarantee
Support works 24/7/365 fulltime
24/7 x 365 fulltime
IPv4 and IPv6 available
IPv4 and IPv6 are available
Brand new and modern hardware
Brand new, latest specs