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Privacy Policy

Nsomnia Networks guarantees complete privacy of information obtained from our clients.

We need your registration data for contact purposes only. When we have to announce a technical maintenance or inform you about company operation changes our managers use the data to contact you.

Nsomnia Networks staff will never ask you credit card number or any other private details. Nsomnia Networks, hereinafter

General Conditions

  • Entities allocated and published at our website partly are the intellectual property Nsomnia Networks. Using these entities is regulated and limited by the applicable law of Russian Federation.
  • Here at website are published links to another websites. We are Not responsible for the information published at these websites. We provide these links for our visitors convenience only.

Personal Data and Security

  • In some cases can ask you to register and provide your personal information. The information provided to us will be used to process your order or grant you access to a special information only.
  • In order to provide you with a certain information, in your explicit consent, can sent informing messages to your email provided during registration process. You can stop receiving these messages at any time.
  • As many other websites uses cookies in order to set up its operation for you personally. E.g. your order processing is impossible without using cookies.
  • Any data at our website provided for informational purposes only and can be changed without a notification in advance.

By registering and / or ordering a server at website you automatically agree the Security and Data Protection Policy.

Data Protection

In order to register as user you provide some personal details such as first and last name, e-mail etc.

Personal information partly can be provided to a bank or payment system in cases when providing the data is required in order to process your payment in a chosen payment system. Third-party companies also can require your peersonal information in order to process some actions by your request.

Personal Data Control

We implemented personal data verification in order to provide control over personal information. Only user itself is responsible for any aftermath of providing incorrect data. If some of details have changed user is obliged to keep the data up to date on its own. You also can ask our technical support staff to help you update your details.


After being registered each user will receive confirmation email. Users also can receive information from via additional information services.

Security provides user accounts security and protects them from unauthorized access. Use your login and password to log in to your user account. User itself is obliged to keep its account access data secret. Providing this information to a third parties is is not allowed.

If you consider the password as unsafe it is possible to change the password after logging in to your user account. administration reserves the right to change the Security Policy terms without a notification but with specification the edition date.

Users are obliged to watch the Security Policy changes by themselves.

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