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EvoSwitch datacenter

"EvoSwitch" datacenter located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was built in 2006 implemeting all modern energy saving, security, and environment protection technologies. EvoSwitch has developed special technology which allows to achieve minimal energy consumption at the datacenter. It also allows to decrease environment impact and the datacenter electricity expenses. All that things make it possible to offer better prices for server hardware.

EvoSwitch — is one of the most safe datacenters in Europe: fire extinguishing system, fire resistant walls, multilevel monitoring system, access levels.

The datacenter takes 9000 m2 area. And it is the great opportunity for potential growth of those customers who rent servers here.

  • 20 MW local power supply;
  • 8 x 2500 KW transformers. Currents up to 32A per rack;
  • Double reserving - uninterrupted power supply system: 2 x 1600 KW + 2 x 2400 KW;
  • Diesel generators - 10 linked 1540 KW generators;
  • Fuel reserve that will allow the datacenter work during 48 hours on diesel generators power in a case of an accident.

All cable structures are hidden underground and are reliably protected. Internal cable systems allocation is undisclosured and exclusively controlled by EvoSwitch


Databurg (Telehouse) datacenter — Germany

databurg datacenter

Databurg was built in 1996 and nowadays it covers about 25 000 m2 area. Today it is the largest European datacenter in Germany. The datacenter model is designed as high protected data storage for companies like:

  • Financial institutions and Banks
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Government organizations
  • Telecom companies
  • Other commercial organizations

The Datacenter is equiped by 24/7 CCTV system, multilevel data access security system (biometric control, contactless ID check), fire protection system (floor and roof early detection sensors), uninterrupted power supply system, air conditioning (constant air temp 24 °C and 50% humidity).

Support works 24/7/365 fulltime
24/7 x 365 fulltime
IPv4 and IPv6 available
IPv4 and IPv6 are available
Brand new and modern hardware
Brand new, latest specs