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Backup Service

FTP backup disk space

100% Reliability
100% Reliability
All our hardware meets industry standards. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
FTP Access
FTP Access
Create automated copies on remote FTP server just in a few clicks.
Premium Hardware
Premium Hardware
RAID 1+0 - optimal combination for performance and safety of all your data.
How much Space you need?
20 Gb
50 Gb
100 Gb
300 Gb
500 Gb
$5 per month
$7 per month
$12 per month
$24 per month
$36 per month
99% safe data storage, RAID 1+0
Instant setup, fast deployment
Unlimited traffic, anytime upgrade
Server located
in Germany
Helps to eliminate problems
Hacker attacks, website infection, database removal
Human factor
Intentional or accidental critical data damage
Data storage failure
Hardware technical malfunction
Natural and man-made disasters
Flood, fire, earthquake, accident
Opportunities and Benefits
Fast deployment
Modern control panels allow to configure scheduled backups to remote FTP serversjust in few clicks.
Quick data restore
You can turn your project back working in a minutes.
Your website, online store, forum or any other software will be restored from the latest copy.
Reduced backup complexity
Get rid of redundant backup points. Use
single centralized and reliable Coretek system.
Stop the mess in files and copies.
100% reliability and safety
All our hardware meets industry standards (Business Critical). We use RAID-1 disk array. Server can be accessed via FTP.
Easy to use
For partial backup archiving we provide a tool to be run by Cron. It will do everything on its own. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Doesn't need a constant care
Once setting backup on your server you will sleep well. In an emergency case you will be able to easily restore any lost files.
Recommended solutions
500 GB
$36 per month
300 GB
$24 per month
Support works 24/7/365 fulltime
24/7 x 365 fulltime
IPv4 and IPv6 available
IPv4 and IPv6 are available
Brand new and modern hardware
Brand new, latest specs